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The Board of Directors of the International Human Rights Organization meets and approves its assignments

The Board of Directors of the "International Organization for Human Rights and International Law" met in the presence of the President of the Council Dr. Aihan Jaf and the members of the Council, unanimously, and a series of organizational decisions were taken on the basis of (election and commissioning).

The Board of Directors decided at its meeting the following:

• Assign / appoint of Dr. Abdul Aziz Tarakji as Executive Director of the Organization.
• Assign / appoint Miss. Rania Haidar is responsible for the Central Information Authority.
• Assigning / appointing officials (committees and core bodies) and their members united to work together.
** The committees are the basic are the following:

• International Awards Committee:

The Committee, through which nominations are submitted to human rights defenders and personalities working for the sake of humanity, in order to honor them and award them the international awards decided by the Board of Directors. The committee is composed exclusively of members of the International Board of Directors and is supervised by the Chairman of the Board and his deputy and the Secretary.

• Translation Committee:

The Special Committee on Legal Translation and all translations of languages available in the Organization.

• Committee on Humanitarian and Social Affairs:

The Committee, which reports on "humanitarian and social conditions", is also working on the available conditions to highlight these issues in the countries of the world.

• Committee on Torture and Arbitrary Detention:

The Special Committee on "Torture, Arbitrary Detention and Forced Disappearances" is responsible for receiving complaints, documenting incidents related to these cases, and communicating with victims and stakeholders.

• Study and Legal Research Committee:

Legal Committee for the preparation of reports, studies and legal and legal researches.

• Committee on the Rights of Refugees and Migrants:

The Special Committee for Monitoring the Status and News of Refugees and Migrants, which establishes a mechanism for communication with the governments and institutions concerned.

• Freedom of Opinion and Press Committee:

The committee responsible for preparing reports and collecting news on violations of "freedom of opinion and the press".

• Committee for the Support of Human Rights Defenders:

The committee concerned with the preparation of a mechanism to support human rights defenders who are subjected to targeting and harassment and to defend them against the concerned authorities.

• Legal Support and Support Committee:

The committee concerned with all legal matters of the Organization, composed of jurists and specialists.

• Committee on the Rights of Women and Children:

The committee is responsible for all issues related to the rights of women and children through the preparation of reports, studies, research, documentation, awareness campaigns and preparing reports to the International Board of Directors.

• Committee for Research and Documentation of Violations:

The Commission is responsible for researching and documenting cases to report on human rights violations, as well as receiving reports and news of human rights violations by friendly organizations and institutions to report violations and submit them to the International Board of Directors.

The "International Human Rights and International Law" Organization invites colleagues, members of the General Conference of the Organization, and individual human rights activists who wish to work within these competencies, to join the above-mentioned committees and to participate in the areas they wish In order to promote the human rights march in the world.

We also ask those wishing to join the above-mentioned committees to apply for membership and follow all the guidelines through the official website of the organization, available in Arabic and English:
Central Information Authority
17 May 2018

The International Organization for Human Rights and International Law was established on 10 December 2016 as the "International Network for Human Rights Monitoring ". On February 20, 2018, its constituent body met and the name was amended and re-published on behalf of the International Organization for Human Rights and International Law. In the Kingdom of Norway under No. Org Nr 917987025, an international non-governmental, non-political, neutral, non-profit organization concerned with human rights.